We are Pivot.
We are a non-profit created to provide a much-needed counterweight to the tech giants, by professionalizing the industry and building a more responsible, ethical, accountable internet.
We want to push major tech companies to meet basic, certifiable professional standards of social responsibility.
We want to work with tech dissidents who left the tech giants, now regret their work, and feel a moral calling to reform the industry and set new professional norms for a better, more humane digital future.
We want to build tech worker power, so whistleblowers get listened to before the next scandal rocks silicon valley.
We will be hosting focused campaigns, challenging the conversations around tech, and amplifying voices calling for practical, actionable reform.
We are planning big things.
The first major phase of Pivot will culminate in the 2019 Pivot Summit: a working (not networking) event bringing together tech dissidents, tech worker advocates, and representatives from the tech giants, as well as ethicists, academics, artists and other experts willing to share their insights.
The aim of the Summit is: to establish a shared vision for a more responsible tech industry; to lay the foundation for a certification process for companies and practitioners; and to take steps to provide tech workers with the tools they need to exercise their power in the industry. We don't plan to have it all solved in 3 days, but we plan to make a real start.
Once we have developed a common-sense set of reforms for the tech industry, the next phase will be applying public pressure on the tech giants to adopt those reforms. Everyone has a role in that effort: consumers; coders and computer scientists; and conscientious citizens, wary of the unrestrained power of Silicon Valley.
But before that can happen, we need to make sure everyone not currently at the table is at the table. And that means you.
Because we know this is possible. It's happened before, in fields like medicine, engineering, law - once unruly trades that over the last few centuries became slowly, painstakingly professionalized. And now it's tech's turn.
We know it's possible, but not without you.
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Peter Picard